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So you've heard the buzz about Intelligent Document Reduction®
Intelligent Document Reduction® (IDR) is a technologically advanced art form that improves the process by which business documents are designed, presented, delivered and retrieved.

Discover these five ways you can use IDR to improve the presentation of your business documents:


Eliminate repetitive Headers & Footers

By eliminating repetitive headers and footers, you could save up to 40% of available space on multi-page documents. Increased space means more room for valuable detail information and less paper and ink!

Large headers are eliminated on all but the first page of documents, making more room for information that is important to your customers! This can save up to 66% of the page surface, reduce file size and bandwidth used to deliver documents.

Suppress Vertical Lines

By suppressing the use of vertical lines in the detail area of your documents, you could be providing more space for product detail information and improving the readability of data.

IDR eliminates vertical lines whenever necessary to provide more space for product detail information and improving the readability of data. Many e-forms products print text over lines, making data presentation cluttered.

Use Colors & Shading

Use color and/or shading to direct the user’s eyes to important information in your document, such as a PO Number or Total Amount.

IDR’s dynamic background shading adjusts to row height, improving readability. Yellow draws attention to important information. Coupons are generated based on pre-set requirments, such as items sold or total sale. Final Page message assures the reader that they have reached the last page of a multi-page document.

Promote Electronic Documents

Survey your customers, vendors and employees for document delivery preferences and encourage them to accept documents electronically. Use customer self-service portals, e-mail with attachments, fax, and post to portal with IDR enhancements to reduce pages and storage space.

Without IDR, a 10-page pre-printed or static e-form takes up to ten page surfaces. With IDR, the same data can be presented with a better layout, using only four page surfaces.

Remind Customers with Pictures

Utilizing IDR technology, you can even include product images on detail lines so the reader clearly sees that the item shipped is what they ordered. A picture will always be worth a thousand words!

IDR will even add pictures of your products to your invoice or packing slip so customers can be visually reminded of the products they ordered! Data-driven logic in IDR adds these images without any program changes to your software!