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“DocOrigin allowed us to be able to eliminate several different custom programming softwares as well as eliminating three different mailing solutions that were integrated with these custom packages. We could actually integrate our systems down to one processing software along with one mailing software."

Kenny Burger
IT Manager

Advantage 360

“JetForm Central from Adobe is coming to the end of its life, so we needed to find another alternative. It is important that carriers and providers have a billing system that is accurate, dependable and integrated with their entire business process. After researching and evaluating many similar products we found the right mix of features, price and support with DocOrigin.”


“Eclipse made our job much easier in what was already a complex and mission-critical undertaking,” says Swartz. “We had our hands full, and not only did DocOrigin perform beyond our expectations, so did the team at Eclipse.”

Hear an audio interview with Annette Swartz, below:

Annette Swartz,
Systems Analyst

Ottawa Food Bank

"Food distribution to our 140 member agencies is vital. When our online order system, FoodNet, began to prove challenging with agencies using a variety of browsers, DocOrigin stepped in to provide an HTML-based solution that reached our entire client base.

"Given DocOrigin's flexible architecture, our current data streams could be used as is, and gathered data was readily saved in our desired processing formats. Support was provided every step of the way, from form creation to integration with current server processing. Our member agency coordinators now have a much better sense of comfort and knowledge in using the system and feel more in control."

Gary McCarthy,
Operations Manager,
Ottawa Food Bank

Tim in New England

“I downloaded your DocOrigin ("DO") demo and it looks fantastic.

“I can't believe how well the design tool is designed. There is almost no learning curve… overflow… positions… everything… All those little things that used to be workarounds or multiple steps are now check boxes and options. It's flowing like butter… like I've been using the app all along. Of course, I do have 10 years in using Central so I guess that does come into play..."

“I've been playing with the pagination aspect of DO… OMG… In Central, it took me 2 months to control the backer the way I wanted and 2 hoops to keep it out of the page count…. With DO it's just a couple property settings, click-click. My hair (what's left) is standing on end…

"Re Central -to- DO: Just giving thanks for 10 great years. I came here as a new hire. I really needed to dig in and have success and worked my butt off. Central has opened so many wonderful doors for me here. It's like I was cut from the same cloth as the developers… It just flowed like water and was logical and I just seemed to know what to do instinctively for some reason. I guess it's because I'm pretty much a straight shooter and Central is a no nonsense straight shooting package…. Just like DO. ... it seems as though DO is Central on Steroids… All those things that were challenging are now seamless.

“Central has delivered time and time again like no other app could… Can't say enough good for sure. Not so amazingly then, I was up and running with the DO design tool and merge.exe in no time.. as if I had been on that bike before.. but with more gears, bigger wheels, and a bigger road to ride on…

“I tackled [page] X of Y, backer on last page only, no page count on blank back page of facing front and exclude blank page and backer in page count with just the click of some buttons in DO Design and almost fell out of my chair… It took me months with Central's internal preamble and 2 step merge.”

MetaTech AS, Norway

"The combined capabilities will bring enterprise level features to financial institutions of all sizes. The primary use of DocOrigin with the MetaBank system will be to produce documents and forms related to new loans. For our small and medium-sized customers, DocOrigin provides us the license flexibility to meet their needs when viable alternative solutions can only be afforded by large banks.”

Gert Ove Sagvang,
CEO of MetaTech AS

Xplor International

"Eclipse has a strong portfolio of products, a talented staff, and a great corporate culture. We are excited and honored to have Eclipse as part of the Xplor family and as an Elite Sponsor.”

Skip Henk,
Xplor International


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