Next Generation Document Generation

Financial • Government • Healthcare • Insurance
Logistics & Distribution • Manufacturing • Telco

Next Generation Document Generation

Financial • Government • Healthcare • Insurance • Logistics & Distribution • Manufacturing • Telco


One size does not fit all in the document automation industry. Eclipse has more than twenty years of experience providing technology and solutions that meet the most demanding needs of business today. Everything from streamlining a single department’s workflow to automating the largest global enterprise document generation environment, Eclipse handles your business-critical documents quickly, easily and affordably.


Leverage your data to create and generate affordable high-value documents using DocOrigin, the next generation in dynamic document generation. Enterprises today must be more agile and responsive than ever, while at the same time working diligently to cut costs and inefficiencies. At Eclipse, we’re experts at the document technology and systems that make up enterprise operations, and we leverage that experience to design solutions and strategies that make a difference enterprise-wide.


Offer your customers a new level of service and multi-channel capability with DocOrigin. At Eclipse, we come from a long tradition of working with and alongside some of the most respected and proven print service providers. But let’s face it, times are changing and it’s not enough to offer your customers great printing. To sustain success in today’s marketplace requires the ability to offer multi-channel communications. With DocOrigin you can provide – mobile, online, social – it’s all part of our next generation solution for dynamic document generation.


“Do what you do best and outsource the rest!” That’s the advice legendary business consultant Peter Drucker gave companies. Does it really make sense for your developers to become distracted re-inventing e-forms and enterprise document design and generation solutions?

As a software company or Integrated Service Provider you specialize in delivering to your customers a specific solution which is created with the extensive industry knowledge of your team. You are an expert in your field and Eclipse is an expert in the field of document and eform software. Our team developed some of the most commercially successful software for designing, delivering, and presenting business critical documents. In the end, your software generates information which needs to be presented and delivered to people and systems. This is our area of expertise. By working together to achieve mutually agreed-upon desired outcomes we both achieve improved economic benefits. As an embedded solution our software will increase the value of your solution, while keeping you competitive in your industry.